Hacking Bitcoin Wallets Through Differences In JSON Parsers

How a subtle bug in a parser can leave your wallet empty. Dec 2020

Corrupted Bitcoin Wallet + 30 Lines Of Code = 3000 USD

Extracting private keys from a corrupted Bitcoin wallet. Nov 2020

MacBook Air - Hacking EFI Boot Password

Additional notes on hardware hacking the boot firmware of an old MacBook Air. Nov 2020

node-sqlite3 - I simply can not do it alone.

It’s time for other people to help out. Feb 2020

Particl - A Private and Decentralized Marketplace

A presentation about Particl and how we intend to develop a more private and decentralized marketplace for the world. Dec 2017

Electron-sandbox - creating more secure electron applications

A simple code example of a sandboxed renderer process with the ability to communicate with backend (main.js) through IPC in a secure manner. Oct 2017

Unique Ring Signatures (URS) - broken cryptography

Disclaimer: the vulnerable code is not critical to the Monero cryptocurrency. The code is in no way or form used in the reference client of the CryptoNote protocol. However the code is managed by the Monero Project. The repository is under the name of the project so it should be held to some standards. Having old code laying around and disregarding it is not very smart. Oct 2017